About us
Drive Time Instructors
Doug and Sara Kisseberth started Drive Time Driving Instruction in May 2010, providing quality and convenient driver's education in Bluffton and Findlay.

Doug has made a living spinning his wheels for many years, formerly as a bus driver for Arlington Local Schools and driving expediting trucks. In addition to Drive Time, Doug drives bus for Bluffton University. An Arlington High School grad, he earned a degree in business/accounting from Bluffton University in 1984.

Sara attempts to keep the office organized. When needed she steps in as a classroom or in-car instructor. A Paulding High School graduate, Sara earned a degree in communications from Bluffton University in 1986. By day she is the web content manager at Bluffton University.


Larry Cox
in-car instructor

"Cricket" Breece
In-car instructor
Robin Munck, Arlington
​In-car and classroom instructor
Doug Ebright,
​North Baltimore
In-car instructor
Cindy Stewart
​In-car instructor
Michael Gentry, Findlay
​In-car and classroom instructor